The new Grindleford Goat Charity is open for bids

The Grindleford Goat Charity has been set up as a grant giving charity to administer the funds raised by the Cycle Sportive. The charity aims to benefit residents of the Parish of Grindleford, including community groups that work and play within our environs. 

On the Charity Commission Register (Registered Charity Number 1203372), you can see our ‘charitable objects’, (formal words for the things we want to support and encourage). These are: 
  • the promotion of voluntary sector community groups, and the improvement of services and facilities, in the civil parish of Grindleford village (‘Grindleford’), for the benefit of the residents of Grindleford and those engaging in its community groups or using its services or facilities.

  • the promotion, for the benefit of the public, of the conservation, protection, and improvement of the physical and natural environment, in particular by promoting sustainable transport in Grindleford and taking measures to mitigate the effects of climate change.

We can consider applications from charities and voluntary sector organisations (this refers to organisations whose primary purpose is to create social impact rather than profit. It is often called the third sector, civil society or the not-for-profit sector). Although we do not at present make grants to individuals, any individuals who have projects that would further our aims are invited to contact us to discuss how we might assist in taking the project forward. As a small charity with limited funds, we will generally consider applications of up to £1,000 funding, but in some circumstances larger grants may be available. The Charity anticipates that most applications for grants will be of a much smaller amount. If you are applying for a grant of less than £200, you could alternatively apply by writing a letter or an email, taking consideration of the matters set out in the application form. 

Don’t worry if any of this seems daunting, if you need any help, you can email the trustees and we will call you to discuss any worries you may have. We encourage you to apply using our grant application form by emailing us at  
Meanwhile, if you would like to know a bit more about the Grindleford Goat Cycle Sportive ( or the Grindleford Goat Charity ( we are Registered Charity Number 1203372.

The trustees, the committee and everyone involved in volunteering are looking forward to hearing from you and getting started!