The Goat 2023 – Sportive Specific FAQs


Riders under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (both riders need to enter the event).

Entry Numbers

Numbers are strictly limited to 400 for 2023 (Billy, BNM, Nanny and Gruff combined). We will reserve the right to close entries if capacity is reached.

*Arrival and Parking on the Day
*Note: B6001 Road Closed from Hathersage to Grindleford – diversion in place; use A6187 then B6521.
Weather permitting, we will park riders vehicles on the playing field. On arrival in Grindleford, drop down to the river – the Event Centre is by the bridge:
Volunteers will try to park everyone as quickly and calmly as possible – please be patient! If the field is unsuitable, there is ample parking in the village, along the Main Road towards Calver and up to The Maynard Hotel and Station approach (paid). Please BE CONSIDERATE OF LOCAL RESIDENTS and park sensibly.

Route Signs, Marshalls & Support

As a cycle sportive event, roads will not be closed and normal rules of the road apply. All signage for The Billy, Nanny and Kid routes will be in place and checked on the morning of the ride. Route cards will show distances to feeds and toilets. Please take note of CAUTION signs.
Marshals will be provided at the most difficult points. If you have any problems, please contact the Ride Manager via the Mobile number on the route card. There are up to four Ride Marshals sweeping each of the two main rides. You must also comply with any requests that they make of you. Mechanical problems, including punctures, are the responsibility of the rider. An emergency contact number will be issued at registration. First Aid support will be provided.


All riders must wear helmets. All riders must carry suitable wet weather gear and have water bottles fitted to bikes (suggest 2 for the Billy). All bikes must be roadworthy and carry puncture repair outfits. All riders will be issued with registration numbers, which must be strapped to the front of their bikes (reusable cable ties provided). The mobile phone registered on application must be carried for emergencies.

Start Times

The Billy No Mates riders MUST go at 9 a.m. – briefing at 8.50
The Gruff Gravel riders will go off in their own time from 9 a.m. in a relaxed and care free fashion 😉
All Billy & Nanny riders will start on a rolling basis from 10 am (we will organise lanes and start pens).
We aim to have all riders started by 10.30 am. It will be up to individual riders or groups of riders (if you plan to ride together) when they start. Essentially, we recommend that if you want to get off at 10 am or close to 10, then start queuing by 9.45ish, otherwise just roll up to the start and go as soon as there is a slot. Riders will be started in groups of 10 / 12 every couple of minutes.
The Kid family riders registration will start from 10.00 am and you can go as soon as the other rides have gone.
Sportive briefing will be given from the Pavilion at 9.45 a.m. on the day.
*The Troll – whatever!


All riders MUST register on the event field in the Registration tent.

Food Orders
Eat your breakfast before you set off! Post ride meal served in the Pavilion. Sunshine Pizza Oven will on site from 11.30 until late.