The Goat ‘24 and the new Grindleford Goat Charity
We Grindlefordians are, by default, honorary Goatees.
Grindleford News readers will have heard our own Sarah B explain last year’s decoupling of the Cycle Sportive from the Grindleford Community Shop (GCS) for the very wonderful reason that sales and profits at the shop continue to improve.

As the shop now pays it’s way, a new Grindleford Goat Charity has been created to carry on the good work and support a wider range of activities within the village. A quick look on the link on the Home page will find our Charitable Objects and ways to contact the Trustees – do have a read!

Looking back, without too much nostalgia, it was 2013 when a group of super-motivated Grindleford residents formed the original Goat committee to create a new cycling event, specifically to raise funds for the GCS. It took place that first September as part of the inaugural Peak District Cycling Festival, raising £4,000. For the next decade, enthusiastic volunteers and a dedicated committee have given of their time and energy, with the community shop continuing to benefit from up to £10,000 a year. In 2020, despite the impact of the pandemic, we managed to run a ‘Virtual Goat’ and brought much goodwill from hundreds of local cyclists who rode our routes, calling at the shop for a coffee and a ‘musette’ goody bag. Their generous contributions ensured this outlay was well covered and many told us they were grateful to have a positive focus and a sense of normality in our shared activity.

The event is very popular, attracting riders of all ages. It features three fully supported routes, one a challenging family ride, all starting and finishing in Grindleford. For the sixth year there is an exciting adventure ‘gravel’ route for knobbly aficionados.

We are actively inclusive and encourage any and all cyclists to come and experience the special cycling community vibe, including eBikes and tag-a-longs! For 2024, we have three fully signed and supported routes, an adventure ‘gravel’ ride and a 100 mile monster! For those interested in the actual rides (and maybe entering) go back to the The Grindleford Goat home page and select a Route. 


Progress can be as quick (or slow) as you like within the generous cut off times for the Billy and Nanny; the Ride Marshals will let you know if you are outside these.

All the routes will incorporate opportunities for refreshments and other interesting diversions. We will provide a feed station on all three signed rides with an extra Snack Stop at the top of Mam Nick for the Billy. You’ll need it!


The rolling start will be preceded by quality espresso coffee and local, dry-cured bacon on white or brown rolls / brie and mushroom on Derbyshire oatcakes or vegan alternative (you can pre-order these when you register for the ride). Quality home made cakes by our baker volunteers will be available on the three signed routes and an optional South Asian curry and rice meal (more than sufficient to get you home!) will be available at the finish.

Entry limited to 400 participants. Costs will always be kept as low as possible. ALL money raised after costs goes to the Goat Charity – we have to thank our community, volunteers and sponsors and trust we can make a difference in and around our village on behalf of our wonderful riders!